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Consulting service to support company internal environment development. Addressing personal stress factors as means to both increase revenue and to cut costs.


Stress disorders is a growing problem with long lasting economical and personal consequences. This is both a problem for the society and for companies. Recovery time up to six years is perhaps not what you might expect, but a fact. For company economics prevention is a good idea. It is profitable even if you are not taking employer attractiveness or goodwill in to the calculation.


The foundation of our method for stress prevention is the same as to be used for stress rehabilitation and for increasing mental work capacity. Our approach is to identify ways to incorporate stress prevention while working and creating revenue, earning while learning. When you develop a stress prevention program your organisation will gain knowledge for stress rehabilitation as well. Our stress prevention methods also increases mental performance. You will get smarter and more efficient if you train to prevent stress disorders.


- Do you need support in monitoring employee stress or perhaps you already have that service in your company health care program?


- How is your company business strategy aligned to managing peoples strategy? E.g. the company might earn its money by offering the best and lowest price in the industry, but employees are managed to put effort on achieving highest possible product quality. This causes stress and either peoples strategy should be changed to encourage a good enough quality there production speed and high volume is important or the business strategy should be changed to aiming at premium products and prices accordingly.


- What is important for your company in recruiting, evaluating, rewarding and training people?


- Can you change structural factors as facilities or other in the physical work environment to support stress prevention?


- Can you change soft factors as culture, leadership style or other in the organisation to support stress prevention?


- Can you encourage lifestyle changes and activities taking place even outside office hours?


- What risks are there with, and what other investments does a prevent stress project compete with?


Discussing the questions above starts the development and implementation process for a stress prevention and organisational performance program. The outcome should be the implementation of our method which foundations is the outdoors, food, physical activity, rest and social factors. A life style change in your employees daily working and spare time life. The result should show in monitoring ratios as stress, performance and economy. Please feel free to book an appointment.







A tailored program for motivated employees with stress disorder. Working life is tough and pressure is present to people in key positions every day. This rehab program is to be carried out parallel to the stress disordered contacts with doctors and the employer.


When you hit the wall and get badly burnt-out you might not even understand what just has happened. Your physical body will shut down and you might not understand that this is a matter of stress. Symptoms like not being able to walk, hard to find the words while talking and heavy dizziness is not unusual.


Not being able to move your body has nothing to do with mental feelings e.g. depressive feeling and therefor not wanting to walk. No matter how much you try, you just cant get that fot in front of the other one. This is an emergency stage and you should seek a doctor. Our role at this stage is to be supportive to your questions and to support your employer with our experiences. The doctor will treat you at this stage. You and your employer need to understand what is going on and we will help you in that process and together with you and your doctors plan a rehabilitation program.


In the next stage of recovering, the stress disordered is out of bed and will be able to take a short walk in the outdoors. The origin symptoms will be there and for the sick person new stress symptoms will also arise. Symptoms which only are new to the stress disordered persons awareness because they have been masked by others.


Questions on how the recovering process can look like and questions about work, social instances, friends and family relationships will come up. Our role will be to take you for that walk in the outdoors and tell you how things were for us when we hit the wall. We know by experience e.g. what the doctor means with sending you on a sick leave of a month or two for a disease which can take many years to recover from. We also understand how it is for a sick person to completely be in the hands of others.


In the following stages we gradually build up activities in the outdoors for the recovering process. And we guide through that process. In the beginning it is all about rest and recovery. In the final stages it is also about building up creativity and non stressing habits. The sick person should be ready for living a meaningful healthy life. Not a life containing the same habits and other reasons that will make her sick again. In the beginning of the recovery program it will be on a person to person level. After a while the social context will be widened. Social factors and networking will be important. Other parts of the method what we gradually incorporate in our outdoor stress rehab program is; physical activity, how we cook and what we eat, relaxing and sleeping.


Please feel free to book an appointment. We will gladly fill in the blanks and tell you more about how we do it, what experience has taught us and what research on stress suggests.





Did you know, that physical activity containing rythm and balance has effect on the ability to solve logic problems? The effect is better than from only muscular training.






Did you know, that training your mind and giving it the abillity for deep relaxation will build up your resistance to being pushed out of control from your mental focus?






Did you know, that providing you with the right context where you can act in a more natural way will give you habits that are healthy? Stress will occur but for its natural reason.






Did you know, that the outdoor environment and physical activity has greater recovering effect than medications? Nutrition and social context is also suggested to have effect.






Did you know, that chronic stress can damage the brain? Stress under long time will eventually make your physical body, as well as your mental abilities, stop functioning.






Did you know, that our method has its orign from own exprience of stress disorder and trials to find a way out of it? Looking at science it suggests we found the right way.





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