You can avoid stress disorders, and you can also increase in mental performance! How is life for a person with stress disorders? What was the reason for getting sick? This seminar will inform, inspire and wake awareness of a problem and what to do about it.


In the seminar, I will give you a foundation to grasp the situation and challenges for a burnt-out person. I am talking from personal experience of stress disorder.  


The seminar is a 20 minutes speech followed by discussion. It is tailored to fit in during a lunch break. You will get some practical tools and advice. Concepts for prevention, increasing mental performance and rehabilitation will be presented. I will come to your office, and you may invite as many attendants as you wish. The fee is SEK 2900 plus 25% VAT


The seminar is a great starter for a stress management project, for personal lifestyle improvements or for increasing personal and organisational performance.









For beginners and for the ones who want to learn more. This is an indoor pool course in crawl with both a mental and physical health approach. In Crawlfulness we glide through the 27-degree pool.


Our course groups have only 4-6 students. It gives the possibility for you to learn how to crawl much quicker, have more fun, gain better health and fitness results. With this setup and our way of teaching, we can give you our full attention and teach on an individual level. Group dynamics, socialising and learning from each other will also be at the highest level. It is the best combination between having a personal trainer and to attend group training.


The course prepares you to attend our outdoor swimming activities. Courses start continuously on Friday mornings at Valhallabadet in Göteborg.  The cost is SEK 1800 incl. 6% VAT for five one-hour sessions. Entrance fee is to be paied separately.







For students in health care university programs, this afternoon outdoor lecture gives the understanding of a burnt-out person situation and his voyage into recovery.


The lecture covers the full process from the point of emergency being ill from stress to recovery. It also reflects on the personal situation and behaviors many years before the point of emergency. It covers a range of trials in finding a method for recovery as well as the help from the public health care and other instances. The lecture advice on how to address a burnt-out person. The lecture discusses our senses and other symptoms during recovery and the awareness of these. To give you the full understanding this lecture encourages dialog and gives you the opportunity to interview someone with a personal experience from stress disorders. The lecture is 4x45 min, and a maximum of 24 students are welcome to attend. University lectures are discounted. Half day lecture, SEK 2900 plus 25% VAT.








For three days and two outdoor nights you will with the means of your hiking feet, swimming body, kayak paddling arms or skiing legs travel through the landscape. You will cook, sleep, socialise and get trained in the outdoors living in a concept of managing stress.


The means of traveling is the component of physical activity in our concept of method. This is done and taught in a non-competitive way where we focus the feeling of doing and learning. The other three components in our method concern eating, rest and social factors. All these are integrated into practice and will also be explained. We will provide a safe outdoor environment so that you can fully concentrate on enjoying and getting your mind opened to enhance your mental capacities.


Choose your physical activity and preferred geographical location. For Hiking or Swimming adventures the price for 5 participants will be SEK 35000 plus 25% VAT. All necessary equipment included, also all food and coaches. You will need personal clothing, rucksack, sleeping mat and sleeping bag. We can advise on equipment and rentals. For Kayak and Skiing adventures rental for equipment will be extra. For more than five attendants there will be an extra cost of SEK 5000/person plus 25% VAT.







A tailored outdoor program for employees with stress disorders. The one of its kind rehabilitation program is run parallel with the treatment from the doctors. It keeps the recovery process intact.


The program in its early stages will fokus relaxation for recovery, giving information and is held on a person to person level. In the next stages social factors will increase and also physical activities will be put in to the program. Nutrition and outdoor cooking will follow. In the final stages we will focus on achieving lifestyle changes so that the sick peson will not fall back in to the same patterns of behaviour that made her sick in the first place.








Consulting service in stress prevention and performance to support company internal environment development. Also addressing stress factors as means to increase revenue and to cut costs.



Aligning business strategies with strategies for managing people identifies risk factors for personal and company stress. The process identifies strategic shift so a better company strategy can be set. On a tactical level we will work with adapting and incorporating our method for employee stress prevention. The cornerstones in the method is physical activity, nutrition, rest and social factors. We will develop ways to incorporate these cornerstones into the companies daily life. The method uses the context of the outdoors and we will also bring the green indoors.






We will gladly advise you in picking your equipment. We have manufactured our proprietary hammock. We also sell knives, bottles, kitchens, and thermoses. We will also guide you to the best outdoor store for your need.



Your first set of equipment will most certainly be about clothing. Secondly a good knife and fire equipment followed by water bottles, a thermos for food and one for coffee, tea and cold beverages. The one and most appreciated equipment is our proprietary hammock, the HangOut. Use it as a chair for two on a daytime hike or sleep in it in the nights. Its construction is brilliant in handling and to get a comfortable flat non-banana lay. See all our products on Facebook.





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